Sunday, June 29, 2008

He might not be done....

I continue to learn lessons about changing diapers. I had just finished feeding Cade and near the end of the bottle I heard a pretty loud explosion in his diaper. Great, I thought, I know for sure that it's dirty and I can get down to the business of changing him. Even better, when I got the diaper open it was the first time he'd pooped out a yellow color (that's progress for those of you who didn't know, I didn't until a week ago). I called for Susie to show her and she said, "Be careful, he might not be done," as she walked out of the room. I started wiping him down when all of a sudden he unleashed a yellow chunky super soaker out of his rear end. It got all over the bed (which we had luckily covered with a towel) and got all over my shorts, shirt, and the carpet. I didn't know whether to laugh or groan.

Well, I started moving him around to find a clean spot to finish cleaning and changing him when I heard a rumble from deep in his bowels. I actually put my hand up at the edge of the bed to block the shot.

At this point I'll let you in on what the name Cade means. Depending on where you look it means "battler" or "one who overcomes." This has proven to be a very appropriate name given what he's already overcome in his first week. So I think when I put my hand up to keep everything on the bed he saw it as a challenge to overcome. I was holding onto his feet and he actually used his legs to pull his hind end up and blew number two all over the bed, carpet, me, and this time he even made it all the way to the dresser, which was no small feat (see picture below for the lay of the land).

At this point I was laughing too hard to care. Tears were coming out of my eyes. I ended up wiping him down and finally getting the new diaper on and we started cleaning me, the bed, the towels, my clothes, etc. I'm starting to recall the advice Conner Byrd gave me in comment form on this very blog back in December. In the future I'll steer clear, thanks for the heads up Conner. Anyways, just thought I'd share. If you can't laugh at yourself...


Oliver said...

This is hilarious, Matt! I laughed through the post. Mainly because when our now 2 year old, Oliver, was a newborn, he shot poop out all the time - across the room like little Cade did. I called them poop shooters. I loved the visual of you putting your hand up to try to keep it on the bed - the things we will do as parents that you never could have imagined before!

Cade is beautiful, and I'm so happy that he's doing well. You and Susie look great, and I'm sure you're so joyful to have your little guy home and growing and thriving. And oh yeah, that person that told you babies like baths just forgot to mention that it takes a few weeks for them to actually get to the "liking" it phase... hopefully he'll like them soon enough!

Congratulations! :)

Joy (Elliott) Primm

Mogul Mouse said...

To quote the Ladies' Man, "Um, yeah, that's disgustin'!"