Saturday, July 4, 2009

Cade's Cake Dive

Ok, it took too long to get this up here, but here it is! He just wanted to eat on the frosting at first, but after he got a taste of the cake itself he grabbed a bite that was too big for his mouth and just kept shoving it in.

We took Cade to his one-year checkup last week and he weighed in at 21 lb, 15 oz, which kept him in the 40th percentile. He was 30 1/4" tall, which is in the 75th percentile. He was a big stud when it came to getting his vaccinations. He cried a little, but was very brave and was ready to play that afternoon. I'm still on the fence on whether I really want my kid being vaccinated, but because we live in such a small town with zero opportunity for alternative medicine we've followed the recommended vaccination schedule so far (if you want a long explanation regarding my dissillusionment with modern standard medicine and drugs, ask me about it offline sometime, and get ready for a lengthy discussion). To this point, it seems that every time he's had a shot he comes down with some sort of crud. One vaccination, Rotateq, made its way through all three of us (literally, ugh) back in November. But so far he's done very well this time around, so we're keeping our fingers crossed.

I'm finding that he's becoming more of a "boy" in his play, at least around me, and it's awesome! He likes to wrestle around with daddy and he cracks up when I put him on my shoulders and run around the house (the high ceilings on our first floor are perfect for hot laps). One thing that makes him laugh is me throwing his foam blocks at him, and the harder I throw them the harder he laughs. Just this afternoon we played a new game where he'd crawl away from me and I'd drag him back to me by his ankles and tickle him all over. Then he'd try crawling away again. Every few times I'd let him get away to mommy, but that obviously wasn't as fun for him as getting caught. He'd turn around and crawl at me and head-butt me right in the forehead and then try to get away again. Hilarious.

Thanks for following along, and have a great day!