Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bath, doctor, and grandparents

It's been a week of firsts for all of us. A couple nights ago we gave Cade his first bath. Someone told us that baths are calming for babies, and good to do before bed. I'm pretty sure that person never gave Cade a bath. He didn't really enjoy it too much, but afterwards we dried him off and he really seemed to like the towel.

After his bath we wrapped him up in a sleep sack that we could have put two of him into. He ended up crawling his way out the top, but he sure looked cute in it!

My two favorite people and favorite dog. :)

Yesterday we took Cade on his first trip to the doctor. He's gaining weight and is up to 5 lb, 4 oz! The doctor was very pleased with how he's doing. While we were getting ready we had Sportscenter on. I snapped this quick picture right after they showed Troy Tulowitzki's home run. He's already a baseball fan, cheering for the Rockies, and using his left hand very well. :)

My mom and dad showed up after the doctor's appointment and are very proud grandparents.


Paul said...

Are you sure those weren't Chiefs' highlights?

Anonymous said...

Congrats! have you heard of the Halo sleepsack Swaddle? - your photos of your tiny baby in the sleep sack were too cute, but the swaddle worked great for us - we had a 6lb baby. We got ours at halosleep.com but i know our local Babies R us carries them, and the swaddle feature comes off when you don't need to use it after the startle reflex stops. have fun!