Saturday, July 26, 2008

Video Blog!

Thought you all might want to see Cade in action. He was starting to get a little hungry, which is why he was so talkative.


Jill said...

that little yawn was the sweetest thing ever! call me crazy, but I was trying to imagine what he was thinking. "Guys, I'm hungry. The camera can wait....guys?? I guess I'll just chew on my hand."

pBerry said...

I did the same thing. It sounded something like, "Yo, dad, seriously. I can't eat that. I'm hungry. I want to be shot put size by the time Paul and Amy get here."

Matt said...

What you see on the videos is the equivalent of a two-minute warning. He does this leading up to the possibility of hungry screaming. So we take this early warning and one of us will get the bottle ready. Of course, he's cute as all get out when he's talking like this, so sometimes we forget and just watch him and we're quickly reminded what his cooing will lead to.