Sunday, July 6, 2008

The training wheels are off!

Well, my parents left yesterday and Susie's mom left this morning, so I think the training wheels are now officially off! We are grateful to our parents and the help they gave us over the last week as we settled into a routine with our new little buddy. Here are a few pictures from the last few days.

Three generations.

He's already learning to pray.

Big yawn! And this is his first pair of pants. It's the smallest pair we have and he's still swimming in them.
He got mad at me for giving him a bath, but I think he forgot about it and just wanted to cuddle.
Here we are with Susie's mom and my parents. He looks so tiny.
My grandpa gave me this bear when I was born. We have a picture with me just like this and now we have one with Cade.
Our parents built this garden while they were here this week. It's amazing how much they accomplished. We got help finishing projects we were in the middle of (painting) and can't express how nice it was to have meals prepared and cleaned up after, laundry done, diapers changed, etc.
Cade does this leg pump thing that's hilarious. You just have to stay out of the way!

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