Thursday, June 26, 2008

Look Ma, no tubes!

I just had to upload these pictures while Cade is eating. They took the tube out of his nose, so he's officially super handsome now. There's a little red mark where the tape held the tube down (reminiscent of some weird version of Left Eye Lopez), but we don't care; it's one step closer to going home! They did say that he looks a little jaundiced, which is normal for premature babies. So they'll evaluate that as we go along. He may need treatment for that tomorrow. Enjoy the pictures!

No, we didn't fold him in half. :) He just likes to rub his face a lot and has started scratching himself so we put some little socks on his hands to protect him from any more scratching.

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Amy said...

The pictures look amazing, Matt and Susie. I miss you both and cannot wait to meet little Cade. We have been praying for you three and love you all so much!