Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Out from under the hood!

We are so excited because they've taken little Cade out from under the oxygen hood. His breathing looks to have stabilized, so they are cautiously optimistic that he can now breathe on his own. They are looking for three things: breathing, eating, and temperature regulation. He's got the first down at this point. He still is feeding through the tube in his nose, so in the morning if his breathing is still good they will work on getting him to eat correctly. Then they'll see if he can regulate his own temperature without the help of the heating lights.

He still has the monitors hooked up to his chest and feet, but they've dressed him up for us and he sure looks handsome! He still needs a lot of rest and a lot of prayer, so please keep it coming. We'll update more in the morning. For now we're going to try and sleep before his midnight feeding. The nurse told us if he's doing well at that time we'll probably get to hold him again! If so, I'll post some more pictures of that! Thanks for everyone's prayers, thoughts, and well wishes. We've been getting a lot of calls, text messages, and emails. I've tried to keep up with all of them but please don't be offended if I haven't gotten back to you yet. We are amazed at God's provision and timing and are comforted by the fact that His hand is big enough to hold the entire world and caring enough to hold our little baby. Enjoy the pictures!

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