Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More good news!

Last night at midnight we were able to feed Cade ourselves and finally hold him for a while! They are supplementing Susie's colostrum with formula at this point to make sure he's getting enough protein in his diet. We went down to the special care nursery and it was just unbelievable to be able to rock him and hold him and spend some time with him.

I love this picture with his tiny hand gripping my finger as he ate. The nurse told us that for some unknown reason if you let him grip your finger, he'll actually suck better as he grips harder. They're not exactly sure why that works, but it's just another one of those things that God has built into us.

Not quite sure about the whole burping process yet. :)

He rests very well when mom is holding him.

Making footprints! He was a little fussy at this point.

And then this morning they brought him down to our room to let us feed him. They want him to take 15 mL of formula at a feeding. He gets tired out before he can get that much down so we're still using the feeding tube to push the last 5-7 mL directly into his stomach. It's actually a very good way to do it because he doesn't get too tired but he still get's all his required nutrition. He's been making poopy diapers all night but we keep dodging changing our first one because he keeps doing it after we leave. That's what nurses are for at this point. :) Here's a picture of Susie holding him here in the room.

Here's a short video of Cade in our room. We are so thankful for time alone with him. Again, we appreciate the prayers coming our family's way. I'll update more a little later.


ladonna taylor said...

Oh my goodness, he is sooooo cute!!! You all look like old pro's already. I am so happy for you and glad everyone is doing well. I love you guys and can't wait to hold the newest gronseth!!! Love you, LaDonna

Paul said...

What a miracle! We're so happy for you two...err....three. God is very awesome.