Friday, June 27, 2008

We're home!

Praise be to God, he is the one that sustains us and prepares our way, wherever we go. And today He saw fit to send us home from the hospital! I cannot give credit anywhere except to Him for Cade's quick recovery and discharge. Last night his bilirubin level was at 16.8, and they usually start treatment at 17. They started early treatment anyways, and in the middle of the night it had dropped to 13, and by this morning it had dropped to 10! The doctor said that drop is very quick, and he was very pleased with it. We are now making the transition to being at-home parents. I have to say it's a little daunting knowing we don't have the nurses down the hall, but we are so excited to be at home where the beds are comfortable and we are comfortable. Here are some pictures from the last night and the trip home. Thank you so much for all the prayers and thoughts sent our way. Susie, Cade, and I appreciate and feel them all.

The nurses really emphasized skin-to-skin contact with him. So we had some great daddy-son time last night while we waited for Susie to pump him some milk.

"Look Dad, you can take a breather. I can feed myself now!"

Getting him changed into his going home outfit.

Changing his clothes was a slightly traumatic experience for him.

Getting all buckled in for the first time! We were not prepared for a baby, so I had to go home and get the seat installed in the car and come back to get Susie and Cade.

I've never handled or been around a human being this small. This is an infant car seat and it completely swallowed him up! That's ok, that means it'll last for a while.

Susie and Cade ready to go home.

Susie and Cade arriving at home (am I going overboard with pictures yet)? :)

This daddy is still proud of his little guy.

Chili is such a good dog. He was ready to meet the new addition to the family. He has such a gentle nature around Cade, and he's already stopped by for a lick or two while we've been feeding him. And when Cade had a poopy diaper and started crying Chili came flying down the stairs to see what was wrong. He had this look of concern in his eyes that didn't go away until Cade was all cleaned up and settled down. He's going to be a great big brother.

The men of the Gronseth household. :)

Our first visitor: Carla Clayton (Aunt Carly).

It is so good to be home. I think Cade can feel the tension release from our bodies and has responded by being so relaxed and pleasant to be around (not that he wasn't already). He's sleeping and eating well, and I think he likes his new house. Susie and I are so grateful to be home.

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Andy & Shannon Raines said...

What an amazing story you've shared...Cade is amazing! He's such a trooper.
Andy and I were glad we were able to meet him today. We're also glad Mommy is getting some sleep.

Good luck tonight. We hope Cade's first night at home goes well.