Saturday, March 29, 2008

Stall Seat

I’m sorry, I have to share this picture with you (thank everything holy for camera phones). Here’s the setting: I’m in Nashville and I’ve got a little time to kill before I meet up with some friends to see Mike Doughty play at the Exit/In. So I head to the Whole Foods at the Hill Center, which is an upscale shopping area in southwest Nashville (Susie and I really miss having a Whole Foods/Wild Oats-type grocery store to go to on a regular basis). This Whole Foods is huge, it’s two stories and has a grill, a cooking school, and a coffee bar with free Wi-Fi (which I still can’t seem to connect to); it’s like a Six Flags over Organic Foods.

So upon arrival I go to relieve myself. I don’t know if I noticed this because with Susie being pregnant I’m noticing kid and baby things more often, or if I noticed this because it was so over the top. I look at the side of the stall and there’s a car seat bolted to the wall. Now, I can see this being useful if you have to actually tie your kid down to keep them from running off – we had a dog named Coco once that was like that. But can you imagine being the poor kid in that seat? “Here you go little Johnny, now just sit here and watch your dad drop a deuce.” Crazy. Does anyone else find this extremely funny/weird/scary/etc? That poor kid is suddenly thinking, “Man, if I’d only agreed to stand quietly by myself outside the stall instead of making Dad chase me through the store, especially after he had that big burrito for lunch.”

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Josh B said...

That, my friend, is hilarious. The inventor of that seat could be onto something here. Forget "time out" as a form of punishment... Just tell little Johnny that if he doesn't behave himself he'll have to watch daddy poop again.