Friday, April 24, 2009

Good to be back

I've been in Norfolk, NE, since last Friday for work. The work was good, but I missed the family. I got back kind of late last night, but Cade was wide awake and was super excited to see me. He had a hard time calming down and going to sleep after that. It was cute and it made me feel good to see him get so excited. Here are a couple pictures of him this morning when I was feeding him breakfast. He was still excited. I love that little guy.
We think he's starting to associate Susie, Chili, and I with certain sounds and is able to identify us. He's definitely got "dada" and "mama" down. He calls for "mama" more when he's upset. I can calm him down most of the time, but "mama" has the touch all the time. We think he's started identifying Chili too, which is pretty cool. Cade absolutely adores Chili, and Chili's coming around with Cade since he's been identified as a food scrap source at meal times. Cade's learned to say the hard "g" sound (like in the word bug), so instead of "Chili" we've been trying to teach him to say "dog." He sometimes gets the word out, but then other times it just comes out as "ug." But lately when Chili walks up he'll say "ug" over and over. Pretty cute. It's amazing to watch his development.

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Auntie Amy said...

I miss my nephew!