Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I feel like Captain Obvious when I say that this year I am very thankful for family. And not just family, but especially my little boy Cade and his wonderful mommy. I knew Susie was a selfless person, but it's truly amazing to watch her with Cade. I couldn't ask for a better pair of people to call my wife and son. Yesterday I was up in my office in the attic and Susie called me from the kitchen and said I should come down. We'd tried giving Cade rice in his milk and he just didn't like it. I think it was because he had to drink it out of a sippy cup and just came out too fast. Well, Susie had mixed the rice in with less milk and formed more of a paste. This was partially out of necessity since he's been eating milk faster than she can make it. Cade loved the rice paste and it was already everywhere by the time I got downstairs! We had a great time feeding him and we took some pictures and a video. So I guess this begins the process of being eaten out of house and home? Up until now feeding Cade has cost $0. I'm suddenly feeling the need to apologize to my mom and dad.

First, here's a picture of Cade the other night. We were dancing to Ben Folds and all of a sudden he'd had enough activity and fell right asleep in my arms mid-dance-move. We were cracking up.
Now, on to pictures of rice! In looking at this picture I suddenly realized how unsafe we as parents are. You'll notice we keep Cade's bumbo seat right between the knives and an outlet.
This stuff is INCREDIBLE! (Unintentional or intentional thumbs up?)
Where's that spoon? Let me at it!
Finger lickin' good. Colonel Sanders has nothing on this rice! (Is Cade allowed to say that in Kentucky?)
Bib-suckin' good. He was so delirious with the new food he didn't realize he had some on his nose.

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