Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween

Cade continues to grow and is still a super happy baby boy. He is so much fun. I'm still not a morning person, but he encourages me to be awake in the morning since that's when he likes to play and is the most active. He's started doing a squealing laugh that is hilarious. There is absolutely no way to not smile when you hear him laughing. And sometimes when he laughs he'll kind of pull his head into his shoulders like a turtle, shrug his shoulders in and up, turn his head to the side a little, and smile really big like he just can't stand it. How many of you just emulated him while reading that description? I did. :) It's about the cutest thing I've ever seen. He's developed into a very ticklish kid; his feet, legs, tummy, and arms are all fair game. He'll play and laugh for long periods of time. He also likes to have his legs and arms pumped and still loves to bounce around. (After re-reading this last paragraph I realize that it is full on information that parents love to recount but the average bystander quickly bores of. Sorry, haha.)

His first Halloween costume was pretty standard baby fare. He was a pumpkin. Many thanks to Nana for providing it. The costume was a little big this year, but that means he'll be able to wear it next year too! The hat kept falling down over his eyes, but the bigness of the costume added to the cuteness of it too. We took him trick-or-treating at our friend Carla's house. She is a great friend of ours and has been faithful to pray for us and Cade before Susie was pregnant, when Susie was pregnant, and since Cade has been born.

Yesterday, we estimated he's around 16 pounds! We'll know for sure how big he's grown in a couple weeks when he goes in for his four month shots, but he's really filling out well and looking great (IMHO). Here are some pictures. The first few pictures were taken on a recent trip to daddy's new home office. I've recently started working from home (still working for Air Liquide). I LOVE being able to see Cade and Susie periodically throughout the day. Susie will usually bring him up into my office in the attic for a few minutes in the morning when he wakes up. Talk about a morale booster!
Someone's tickling my legs!
Now someone's tickling my tummy!
Cute smiley/laughing pictures.
He has the biggest blue eyes, just like his mommy.
Trick or treat!
Cade and Carla.


Auntie Amy said...

I cannot wait to see you three in December!!!

Anonymous said...

What a cutie! Connor would LOVE to play with Cade!
-Jamie Whitehead