Thursday, September 18, 2008


I know it's been a while. I've been told it's time to get something besides Pikes Peak up on the blog. So here we go. I'm going to recap a little since I just got my mom's pictures from when we were out in Colorado. But there are a few new ones.

A lot has happened in the last few weeks. After coming home from Colorado we went to the doctor and found out that Cade was 10 lbs, 15 oz! He's growing a ton! He should be; he eats all the time. That was a few weeks ago, so we think he's probably getting up over 12 lbs now. He got his two-month shots during that doctor's trip, and he was very brave! He got two shots in one leg and one in the other. We weren't sure how he'd react, but each time he gave a little cry and then calmed down.

During Susie's first week of school I ended up heading up to Bloomington when she went temporarily out of commission with a kidney stone. I've heard people say that a kidney stone is as close as a guy will ever get to knowing the pain of giving birth. Well, now we have a resident expert! Susie's opinion is that the pain is very comparable, but you don't get a kid out of the kidney stone deal. So now you know and you heard it here first!

Well, here are some of my mom's pictures from our CO trip, and then some newer ones. Enjoy!

Cade and Grandpa during boys night.

He's starting to smile a lot more now, which is great. It totally makes my day when he looks at me and gives a big smile and a laugh. It might be because he thinks I look funny but I don't care. One thing that's cool is that lately he's been showing that he recognizes Susie and me. He usually has this exploratory look in his eyes when he looks out at the world. But lately when he sees Susie and me you can see that his eyes soften and he gets this look of recognition. I love that.

This is Susie doing her best Cade impression.

Making sure no home run balls come in contact with his grandson's head.

His attention span doesn't quite last a whole nine innings yet.

Pround Auntie Amy and her little nephew baby burrito.

No caption needed. Isn't this about the cutest picture you've ever seen?

Uncle Paul and Cade.

This was the "going home" outfit we had ready for Cade. We couldn't find an Elway jersey, so this was the next best thing. But since he was so early he didn't come close to fitting into it. It fits great now, and just in time for the football season.

Every man needs a good pair of shoes.

Taking a nap in the big bed. They grow up so fast. :)

Here's Cade after getting his shots. One Band-Aid on each leg. He was such a trooper. He has his mom's pain tolerance.

When he was first born we'd lose him in the bassinet because it was so big and he was so small. We'd search for him under the heartbeat bear and down in the crack around the pad. Sometimes even the pacifier would obscure our view of him. But now he takes up most of it. No problems finding Cade in this picture.

Not Cade related, but here's a picture of our upstairs bathroom. The toilet started leaking and we'd been talking about revamping this room anyways, so now it's down to the subfloor and plaster walls. I was midway through the teardown when I realized I didn't have a good "before" picture. More to come as the work progresses.

I will try to do better with more frequent updates in the future. My mom is in town this week and we'll have some pictures to share from that. Thanks for sticking with the blog!

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