Monday, April 28, 2008

It's been a while......

So I’m back. It’s been a while. Man, time flies, doesn’t it? Our son is now 26 weeks old! We are less than 100 days out! Susie is getting bigger and bigger. I was out of town last week for work and I swear she added three pants sizes while I was gone. My drawers might be too small for her now. And I’m officially addicted to her belly. I love feeling the baby bounce around and throw the occasional elbow at my ear when I’m in close for a listen.

One major relief new to us today is the fact that Susie passed her second glucose tolerance test! Two weeks ago she took the standard glucose tolerance test. After fasting, they took a sample of her blood, she drank a nasty sweet orange drink, and then after an hour they took another sample of blood to determine how well her body processed the sugar. The test results came back with a higher glucose number than the doctor wanted, so they scheduled her for a three-hour glucose test last week. Same procedure, but the drink was much stronger and nastier and they took samples every hour for three hours. NO FUN! Well, we found out today that she passed with flying colors, which is a huge praise to God because if she failed she would’ve had to attend a gestational diabetes class; just something extra to do and deal with. She’s a trooper. I’m so glad I’m a guy because I’m too much of a pansy to go through a pregnancy. This whole thing has given me another level of respect and admiration for my amazing wife.

We’re both finishing up our spring semester at school, which has added a little busyness to the schedule. But we still found time yesterday to set up the crib in the baby’s room!

Every little step we take makes it more and more real in my mind, and I just keep getting more and more excited. And every thing we bring in the house and set up in the baby’s room makes Chili more and more curious. Today he convinced us to let him try on one of the baby’s hats. He’s going to be a great big brother!

Since my last post we’ve also experienced another major answer to prayer. One thing we were uncertain about was childcare for our son when Susie goes back to school this fall. Well, Susie was able to meet the Baptist Student Minster on campus at IU, and he and his wife have a baby that’s about five months old. She is interested in watching our son when Susie is in class this coming year. We are so excited to have a house for the baby go to where they already have all the “baby” things, where he’ll get a lot of personal attention, where he’ll get a little baby socialization, and where he’ll remain in an atmosphere where Jesus is the center of the house. God is great, and I remain astounded at how He continues to provide for us.

I guess it’s been a while because I keep thinking of other things to update: Susie was required by IU to have their health insurance as a student. Well, we found out that this student insurance covers some of what my insurance doesn’t, which eases some of our financial load. Again, God is faithful.

So here we are, and I am again promising to be more faithful in the future to post more regularly. Thanks to those who have encouraged me to write more by saying they enjoy the blog. We’re sitting in a brand new local coffee shop near our house, and it’s the perfect atmosphere to blog. So hopefully we can carve out more time to come down here soon and I can continue to get my thoughts out. I still have a lot floating around in that empty space up there, and I can’t wait to put it in writing. Thanks for reading.


Aunt Linda said...

We have really enjoyed your thoughts and the updates on Susie. You have another calling if wanted - writer. I'm thinking children's books. You could chronicle the Adventures of Baby Gronseth & his take on HIS PARENTS begining at conception. I think it would be cute! Think about it. Thanks so much for the enjoyable reading.

Anonymous said...

We wanted to let you know that over here in Livingston, Louisiana we are also excited about seeing SpongeBob at Christmas time. Callie asks often how he is doing. Carley and CJ don't understand why you only have 1 baby in your tummy.....
The kids and I have put together a little box of goodies for our new little cousin and will ship it as soon as SpongeBob arrives.
Talk with you soon, Candy, Callie, C.J. and Carley