Thursday, December 27, 2007

I'm a list guy

I’m a list guy. That’s pretty much all there is to it. I think it’s the dorky engineering side of me. If I need to do something and I don’t put it on a list, I might forget about it. I use lists at work to help me remember everything I need to do. I use lists to help remember what I need to pack when going on a trip (I have forgotten to pack underwear before). I use lists to help me efficiently do chores and errands on the weekend. I think part of it is my fixation with crossing things out. I don’t know if this resonates with anyone else out there. I love looking at something on paper and symbolically telling it, “you are not a problem anymore,” with a simple stroke of the pen. Sometimes I’ve even listed things I’ve already done just to cross them out. And yes, I’m fully aware I’m an idiot.

I now have a new, mysterious, uncharted list to make. I know there are a lot of things that need to be done before baby gets here. I know about some of them. I don’t know about some of them. I’ve already started my list in my head, but the act of putting it on paper is what makes me nervous. I want to get it right. A major item is deciding where baby will sleep. This involves sub-list items like figuring out what he/she will sleep in, what room it will be in, what needs to be done to that room to prepare it, etc. (told you I was a dork). I also know I need to do a lot of reading before the baby gets here. I’m pretty sure there are certain items we will need to familiarize ourselves with and purchase before and after the baby arrives. And I know I need to update life insurance and start a college fund. Most importantly, though, I know that I need to be in prayer for my kid. These are some of the things that I know about.

So this post is a plea to the masses (or to both of you, whichever is closer to accurate) that have read this blog. Help me make my list. I am an open book. Any tips or ideas on any random thing from what kind of mattress we need to buy for the crib to any books that have helped you to in preparing or raising a baby to what kind of spit rag is the most absorbent. I’m like Ross Perot here: all ears.

ps – Susie has the cutest little pooch going on already. I love it. Pics to come. She’s already using the rubber band trick she learned from Jaci.


pBerry said...

I've never had a baby, but I've made my share of lists too (I love writing down things I've already done and crossing them out). It seems to me that you need to start off by making a list of the lists that you need to make.
Baby Room list
Prayer list
Pamper Susie list (Susie, you owe me big time for this)
People to call or email list
Stuff to put on a registry list

Anyway, I think that's the place to start.

WorshipCity said...

This post makes me feel normal :) I make lists like crazy as well and make them really looong and detailed just so I'll have more things crossed off at the end of the day! HA!

Baby room: If you have choices: closer to your bedroom and further away from the living room. Especially if you enjoy cranking up the sound for movies and have a sub :) I'm a huge dork with you man! Also, close to the bathroom is good too!!
Again if you have choices: look at sunrise and sunset in comparison to windows.

Re: the bed, we went with the 3/1 style. So Chloe will have the same bed until we have money years from now to get her a new one because it'll transform all the way up to a full size.