Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cade's Sports Video Update!

At the Gronseth house we're eagerly anticipating the arrival of spring. By my count, we only have 22 more days until pitchers and catchers report! But until then, while the snow flies outside, we must find a way to cure that baseball fever until the mercury rises. Luckily for us, Cade is still small enough that baseball in the house is just fine! Sometimes he wants to pitch to me, but most of the time he wants to hit. And most of the time when he hits, he tells me that he can "swing like Buster Posey." This might be his first favorite player - it's either Posey or Lincecum, mostly because he watched a lot of last fall's playoffs with Daddy. (Did I ever mention that he just keeps getting more and more fun?)

Today while we were playing I got the camera out to catch our little budding slugger in action. When he knows he's being recorded he loves to watch himself after each hit. Maybe a little vanity right now, but this will prep him for transitioning to mechanics film study later in life. :) All too soon enough I'm going to have to start wearing a glove and we're going to have to move the games outside, but I'm enjoying the inside baseball with my little boy for now.

Baseball isn't the only sport Cade likes playing. Today he was trying to master the dropkick. After a while he started nailing it pretty well. These two videos show a little of his progression.

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SG said...

Grandpa Gronseth would be proud!