Saturday, August 21, 2010

He's a pitcher!

It's great to see little Cade's brain in action. He's always learning and putting things together. It's really pretty amazing to witness (and often funny).

Last week Cade was getting ready for bed and I put some PJ's on him that have pitchers, catchers, and batters on them. As we put them on I'd point at a player on the PJ's and he'd tell me if it was a pitcher, catcher, or batter. Before bed he wanted to jump on the bed. (I know a real good dad wouldn't let him, but he was having so much fun and there are enough nights that I'm on the road and don't get to see him.) At one point he kind of lost his balance and caught himself with his leg up in the air for balance like in the picture below. He looked down at himself and exclaimed with glee, "He's a pitcher!" Neither Susie or I could breathe we were laughing so hard, but it was cool to see him translate an image he saw in a picture on his PJ's to real life in a spatial situation.
I was trying to get him to pose for more pictures and asked him for a big cheesy smile. This is what I got. Sometimes he just doesn't want to have a camera in his face, and other times, well... you make up your own mind here.
After a number of rounds of "He's a pitcher!" he started getting the arm involved. That's when the game became more serious as he started watching his limbs to make sure they were positioned just so. It's ok buddy, we have years ahead of us to work on your mechanics. For now we'll just work on arm strength, so just focus on throwing it as hard as you can (knowing I'll regret telling him that while I clean up the remains of something breakable in the future).

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