Monday, November 2, 2009

Minnesota Trip

Tonight is a double feature: Two posts at the same time! Here are a few pictures from our Minnesota trip:
Cade is still a great traveler. It was pretty cool to see him start to understand what was going on. He loved looking out the window, both on the ground and in the air. He quickly learned the word "airplane," and he enjoyed saying "bye" to planes as they took off. When we'd ask him where each plane was going he'd put his palms up to say "I don't know." We got to see my cousin (at some level, our dads are cousins, so you figure it out) Kyle, his wife Jenny, and their three-month-old daughter Kayla. Kayla was a cutie, she just wasn't up for a picture at this point. Kyle picked us up at the airport and they let us borrow a pack and play and a high chair for the weekend: very important items to not have to carry on board!
My Aunt Renee and Uncle Dave were so hospitable and opened their house to a whole crew of family. They have a bunny named Ginger, and I think Cade fell in love. He got to feed Ginger beans and got a kick out of how soft her fur was.
Susie and my parents took Cade to the Mall of America (I stayed home). :) Cade got to ride on the balloon ride and apparently giggled and laughed the entire time.

Cade spent some time outside in the leaves. He's not a big hat wearer, but he liked his little red cap we found for a buck at the recycled baby item store.

My cousin Julia got some big slippers at the mall and Cade got to try them on. Looks like they fit just right!

The reason we all went up to Minneapolis was to go to this church. It's now called Faith Free Lutheran Church, but it started as Rosedale Lutheran Church. We attended the 100th anniversary of the church. Why this church? My great grandfather was the pastor of this church for 49 years, from 1921 to 1970 when he died. Because I never got to meet him, it was very interesting for me to see his church and hear about him from some of the members. He was a very hard worker and cared for the people at his church. There were many pictures of him, and I found a couple record books where he kept church records with a fountain pen. When he started as pastor he made less than $1,000 each year. The parsonage connected to the rear of the church was where my dad lived the first year or so of his life. I know it was a big deal for my dad and his sisters to come back and see the church and the parsonage and relive old memories. It was kind of a chance for me to get to know him.

Here's a picture of me and Cade with my Aunt Joyce and my dad's Aunt Joyce.

Four generations!

After the service the current church members cooked a huge meal for everyone that came. Delicious!

Here's a picture of the whole Gronseth clan that attended. It was great to reconnect with family that we hadn't seen in quite some time.

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