Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I should be putting together a marketing plan for school, but this is a chance to procrastinate. I've been talking about Cade walking for a little while, and now I present proof to you. He's really become much more balanced, coordinated, and quick on his feet in the last few weeks. We now have to be much more wary of where he is and what he's getting into. Did I mention he keeps getting more and more fun?

So here's a short video I put together. I haven't tried my hand too much at video editing and was surprised how easy it was to string together clips and add a soundtrack in the background. Many thanks to my friends in WILCO for writing an appropriate song for the occasion. :)


SG said...

Love it! Great job putting it together. You could also do a video of "oop's" too. :)

Anonymous said...

Getting so big. I'll have to bring my "running" shoes to keep up with him next visit! VeeVee