Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Colorado Trip

Last weekend we took a trip to Colorado to see Dain and Lindsay get married. This was Cade's first airplane trip. He was a champ! It was such a relief to have him sleep through all the flights! He's such a snuggler that I think just being held and hearing the low rumble of the plane was enough to keep him comfortable. We were so proud of him. Here are some pictures from the long weekend.

Here's Susie and Cade in the rental car shuttle, at some point between the Wednesday night and sunrise on Thursday (can't really remember).

On the plane! One of those little blue socks didn't make it off the plane. We couldn't find it. I'm amazed we ever keep a pair of those tiny things together. It's hard enough to keep my big socks paired through all those washes.

We found the family restrooms in the airport so we could change him. I can't imagine what was going through his mind: "Every time I wake up I'm in a different crazy place."

It looks like he's about to sock Nana in the face. Haha, not really.

We also took Cade to his first Major League baseball game. Nana and Grandpa bought him the appropriate attire, so the family was dressed in style.

And here we are with Dain and Lindsay: great friends from high school. (Cingular bars anyone?)

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